I was excited to see the news on Pocket PC Thoughts that the new MyPalm version 3.0 of the Laridian Bible series was released today with support for the Hi-Res+ display on my CLIE NX70V. Their servers were seriously overloaded as they also released several free Bible versions, an Amplified Bible, and updated Pocket Bible reader program. I waited until almost midnight to download and it still took some time. I plan on checking out the MyBible 3 version tomorrow during my vanpool ride into town and will be working on a review of it for PDAGeek.

I just posted two new reviews at Pocket PC Life and only have one more product to review before my time with them is complete. I left to focus more resources on PDAGeek, my family, and my church. By the way the site was recently sold by James Borden so there may be some new changes to it soon, including a new forum.

The pastor of our new church, New Life Family Fellowship just asked me to pray about becoming the first elder. We have been around almost 2 years and have a congregation of about 70. I know the website is still rough and I plan to get it upgraded soon. I was using the red and green as test colors and there just isn’t that many “connected” people in the church that visit the site.

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