Well after working with Laridian and reading people’s input at ClieSource I now have a working version of MyBible 3. The fix was to load the previous version of the software and then install the new version over the top of it. There must have been something messed up in the prefs file that was not getting installed for some reason. I started my review last night and have to say I am pretty happy with the software so far, which is to be expected considering they make an outstanding PocketBible product.

I am going on a cruise in a couple weeks and decided to start the Atkins diet. I am about 20-25 pounds heavier than I would like to be and have a real problem with lots of breads and desserts. I have a serious sweet tooth and hope this new eating philosophy will curb that desire. I also run and lift weights so I should be in great shape after getting going with Atkins. I know quite a few people on this diet, but not one of them workout which I think is pretty funny because even though they may be losing weight they are getting no cardio work and are still way out of shape.

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