Well, I only lasted a couple of days on that Atkins diet. I don’t really like bacon and eggs and you are pretty limited to meat and eggs for at least the first two weeks. I am too much of a bread and pasta fan and figure I can do fine just keeping up my exercise and showing a little restraint at the table.

I am anxiously awaiting the release of the iPaq 2200 that I saw and held at our last user group meeting and heard that both CompUSA and BestBuy have them in their systems now so they should be out soon. I hope the HP guy was correct when he said late May and I can pick this up after my cruise. I also see the rumors flying around concerning a new CLIE or two. I personally don’t think anything can knock me off my NX70 unless it is the same thing with a lit keyboard, more RAM, and Bluetooth. A non-clamshell doesn’t really appeal to me because I personally like the keyboard and use it quite often. I also don’t want to lose the CF slot, especially now that I have the EruWare driver that allows me to use any CF storage card in my CLIE. Rumors state models with two MS slots which means there may not be another CF model released. You could also pick up the CF WiFi card last month for $16 so I think Sony must not like the fact that someone hacked their CF slot and thus no more models with it. CliePlanet stated that an announcement may come sometime from Monday through Wednesday this week. We’ll see.

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