I believed that the 2200 was going to be released in May and that would be today, which is highly unlikely since it is a Friday. I then just read in the forums from a fairly reliable source that the new date is June 23rd. I have been without a Pocket PC too long and thus found a decent deal on a new iPaq 3955. If I am happy with it then I may wait longer to see the 2200 and make sure it is what I really want. The 3.8″ display and rock solid performance of the 3900 is very tempting to me and the fact that I can upgrade it to PPC 2003 anyway.

I am having issues with my Z. I loaded the 3.1 ROM, but can’t load many software applications (I get a continuous error in the installer program) and still haven’t gotten my Sony WiFi card to work. I am going back to OZ 3.2 this weekend since my WiFi card worked out of the box with it and I really don’t use it much for a PDA and basically use it as an experimental gadget to run Linux stuff.

I don’t use the Newton much because I am so busy now that summer is upon us and the outdoor work is piling up.

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