After a weekend playing with my Zaurus and trying to get the 3.10 ROM running with all the apps I want and supporting my Sony WiFi card, I went back to OpenZaurus since I know my WiFi card works with it. It does work well, but now I can’t have Opera 6. I find I am spending way too much time tinkering with this device and really haven’t used it much. The battery life is atrocious and I can only use my WiFi card for about 30-40 minutes before it dies. I am strongly considering jumping back off the Linux PDA bandwagon since I really don’t have any Linux experience and am finding myself getting frustrated. There is so much more I want to explore with the Palm and Pocket PC OS that I think it may be time to leave the Z to those who can use it better. It is very powerful since there is so much customization that can be done, but life is too short for me to spin my wheels with it.

I am also having second thoughts on the Newton 2000. I really haven’t had much time with to spend with it and it really is very large and heavy. The battery life is excellent and I love Macintosh equipment. I think I’ll keep it for a while and try to play with it some more. It is kind of neat to hook it up directly to my old StyleWriter 1200 in the garage and print anything from it.

I also started thinking about all the CF accessories I have and the trend away from CF slots in Pocket PCs and the lack of CF in Palms. I could replace my CF GPS with a Bluetooth or serial model. The new matchbox size DeLorme looks excellent and is reasonably priced. I could get a serial cable and hook it to my cell phone instead of using the Socket Digital Phone Card. I currently use a standard serial cable to connect my CLIE for wireless access. I could sell my MemoryStick and CF Margi Presenter To Go cards and go with the SD model instead. I figure I could do all this for zero out of pocket cost just by selling the old gear and buying the new gear with the cash. I have to think about this a bit more.

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