After looking harder at the possibility of buying the iPaq 2200 and the trend away from CF accessories, not to mention the fact that I would have to buy a CF sleeve, I decided to see if I could drop CF from my PDA arsenal. I currently have a CF GPS, CF WiFi, CF digital phone card, CF memory card, and CF Margi Presenter to Go solution. I just put my CF GPS up for sale and bought a Garmin etrex standalone unit and cables to connect to both my CLIE and iPaq. I will now have the ability to use my Mapopolis maps on both PDAs and also have a separate GPS to take camping when I don’t want to haul a PDA through the woods. All at a cheaper cost.

I have serial cable and an adapter for my cell phone so the CF digital phone card is no longer needed, although this may be tough to sell since it is not that popular of a cell phone model. SD memory isn’t much more expensive than CF and I need to get a 256MB or larger card. I am trying to find out if the SD Margi solution works with Pocket PC devices as well as the advertised Palm devices since the 3955 is SDIO. Margi also just announced a WiFi solution.

Oh dang, I just remembered I use a Sony WiFi CF card with my CLIE and Zaurus and wanted to use it with my iPaq. I guess I am going to have to buckle down and buy a CF sleeve. I think the dual CF at CompUSA for $50 may be the best deal, but will have to see what fits in my Bellagio 3955 case that should be arriving soon. I love the Bellagio leather cases and think they are a great buy for $40 or less compared with the expensive Vaja cases.

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