Wow, I wasn’t expecting the announcement that Palm aquired Handspring to occur so fast. I knew Handspring had major problems and probably didn’t have long to live by itself and think this is the best solution for both companies. Now there is really only Palm/Handspring and Sony making Palm OS PDAs. Yes, there is Symbol for enterprise and a new Garmin GPS model coming soon, but they aren’t really players in the U.S. consumer market. It will be interesting to see how the new company does and if Sony doesn’t get off their rear and develop a T-series form factor device with a HiRes+ display people are going to tire of Sony’s constant minor product improvements.

My 3955 should be arriving today and I just ordered the cables to connect my new Garmin eTrex to both my CLIE and iPaq. I also sold my Pretec CF GPS for a decent price to cover this new GPS solution. I thought about the cool Delorme matchbox-sized receiver, but now I will have a handheld unit I can use for camping and biking without worrying about my PDA. It looks like I will be up late tonight getting the iPaq setup. I am still hesitating on buying a CF sled because I may move on to the 2200 or 5555.

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