Man, my Zaurus roller coaster just gets more exciting. I played with the Z some more yesterday and now have it running pretty well, although I still can’t get Hancom Sheet to install. I have Opera 6 running smooth and it is AWESOME! I am reviewing tkcMail and OZ seems to be working very well for me and much better than the 3.10 ROM.

I received my 3955 yesterday and have started loading it up with my PocketBible and some games. The large display is very nice and may push me towards a 5555 if I upgrade, but I don’t need the thumb scan security and wish there was a model just below it.

The CLIE continues to be my primary PDA and tomorrow they are supposed to release the Hi-Res version of GTS Racing, but I will be camping near Mt. Rainier and will not have internet access. It is beautiful here in Seattle and will be a perfect weekend for camping in the woods.

Can you believe I have lost 13 pounds in one week on this crazy Atkins diet. I am pretty excited to see my love handles disappearing and hope to trim up the gut a bit more. If I can get down to 220 or 225 I will weigh what I weighed in high school 16 years ago.

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