Jeff Kirvin posted an article this week that is generating quite a bit of discussion. It is titled Little Orphan Pocket PC and talks about his take on the future of the Pocket PC and the apparent lack of Microsoft support and enthusiasm for the platform. Now that the excitable evangelist Beth Goza has been transferred to another department there just doesn’t seem to be that fire for Pocket PCs. Is the Pocket PC platform stagnating? The new OS doesn’t look much different, but may be more stable and appears to follow the MS trend of releasing software with bugs the first time and then just refining it rather than revolutionizing it.

As you may know from reading my blog I was considering the 22xx series, but after making a pros and cons list I think I’ll stick with the 3955 for a bit. The 900mAh battery on the 22xx versus the 1500mAh on the 3955 and the larger display on the 3955 are the deciding factors at this point. I can always get PPC2003 for the 3955 so I am just evaluating if I need a CF slot. At this time the only reason I need the CF slot is for my WiFi card.

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