OK, T-Mobile just announced a new GPRS data plan where you get UNLIMITED data for only $19.99 per month with a voice plan. So I just ordered a Nokia 3650 from Amazon (FREE after $300 in rebates) with the $19.99 voice and $19.99 data plan. Now I am in a dilemna as I don’t have a Bluetooth device. So, I am selling my 3955 to get about $300 cash. I then plan on getting the iPaq 2215 as I originally planned for some time. I would go with the 1945, but the 2200 gives me the ability to use my Sony WiFi card so I can get WiFi and Bluetooth in the same device. I also like the consumer infrared and Nevo software. Now with my CLIE NX70V I am going to see if the NX80 is released in the US in July as Amazon slipped out last week. If so I can make a straight trade at CompUSA using my TAP. At least the guy at CompUSA yesterday said I could bring it in and do so and I think the CompUSA plan is the best and covers screen damage.

I was also thinking of keeping the 3955 cash and trading the NX70 in for a TG50 and iPaq 2215 at CompUSA. I would lose the camera, but the Nokia 3650 has one and it is ok. I would also lose that big beautiful screen so I am not sure about going this route yet. We’ll see what happens in the next week or so.

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