In the continuing saga of the fickle PDA owner I ran across a deal for an iPaq 3970 for only $325 so I bought it. I also sold my 3955 so the deal was a straight trade. I balanced it out with the 2215 and decided I wanted the bigger screen, bigger battery and known stability of the 3900 series. I can upgrade to the PPC2003 OS and hopefully get the processor optimized for XScale use. I will not get WiFi on my iPaq without a CF sleeve, but the Z is much better for WiFi surfing at home (which is really the only place I use it). And now with GPRS and Bluetooth I can surf anywhere I get cell service.

By the way, Amazon is taking forever to ship out my Nokia 3650. I can’t believe there is no phone number for customer service, arghhhh!

I also decided to stay with my NX70 for now because I just can’t give up the large display and go with the TG50. I will wait until the new NX devices come out to see if Bluetooth is integrated. If not, I may get a BT memory stick card if I am happy with the GPRS performance on my 3970 and Nokia 3650. I can now stop dwelling on my decision and wait until the 2003 upgrade is available for the 3970.

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