The new NX80 and NX73 are now available for preordering on the Sony Style site, but neither come with integrated Bluetooth. This is kind of a relief because it makes my future PDA decisions a bit easier. Why upgrade to get a slightly better camera and only 5MB of RAM (maybe less than 1MB if you can’t use JackFlash on the new NX models)? I only occasionally even use my camera and it is not the major selling point for me. It would be nice to have a lit keyboard, but I would rather save my CompUSA TAP for OS6 models.

I am going to give the Bluetooth GPRS connection a try with my iPaq 3970 and if I find it to be fast and fun, then I may consider trading in my NX70 for a TG-50 and a new iPaq or something like that. I may also trade for the new iPaq 5555 and sell the 3970 to buy a TG-50. We’ll see later this week when I give the BT connection a try.

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