I just received my Nokia 3650 Smartphone (FREE after $300 in rebates) yesterday and then called up a contact I met on the PDA discussion boards I visit. If you want to get hooked up with T-Mobile service, email me and I’ll pass along my contact who was extremely helpful and very responsive. After I opened and charged the phone I started playing with it and couldn’t figure out how to get on the net. The t-zones application kept asking if I wanted to sign an agreement to pay $2.99 1MB service per month. The T-Mobile website wasn’t really clear if this t-zones was the same as unlimited data so I called their general number and some clueless rep. almost had me sending back the phone because he said it could only be used as a modem for PDAs and laptops under the unlimited plan and not as a stand alone data device. I called back my contact, Ashley, and he quickly straightened me out and I was off on my way to surfing via GPRS.

My signal is still almost nill at my home, as it was when I had the Sidekick, but with my home WiFi setup I really don’t need a connection there anyway. The speed seems decent and much better than cables connected to my cell phone. I haven’t received my 3970 in the mail yet so I haven’t been able to try out a Bluetooth PDA connection with the phone.

The new iPaq devices are showing up at Frys stores in California and Arizona and I can’t wait to see them close up. I am still considering a CompUSA trade for either a 2215 or 5550, but will wait to see how the Bluetooth connection works and if the devices are compelling. 128MB of RAM sure sounds good though.

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