I received the 3970 from the guy on ebay yesterday and at first things looked good. Then the iPaq kept constantly resetting and wouldn’t work unless it was cradled. So, I fully charged it up (it was at 83%) and used it on the way to work. I was able to surf on it connected to my Nokia 3650 via Bluetooth. Setup for Bluetooth is still quite an effort and until it is made simpler then I don’t think your average user will buy into it. Anyway, things were going good until the end of my trip when the resets happened again. The battery was about 83-84%, so obviously there is a major battery issue with the iPaq. There is also a dark shadow mark visible on the center of the display. I contacted the seller, who has not yet responded, and have also called HP to get it fixed since it is still under warranty. We’ll see what happens, but it looks like I may have to leave negative feedback unless the seller can offer up some good explanation.

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