So last night about 9pm I came across a Brighthand post where the guy said he picked up an iPaq 2215 at a Fry’s in Wilsonville, Oregon. I went to the Fry’s site and saw that it was just south of Portland and was about 150 miles or so away from me. I then came up with the craziest idea I could to get down there and get a unit myself. Earlier in the day I called about 20-25 Office Depots, Best Buys, CompUSA, and Circuit City stores looking for the elusive 2215 and was intent on getting one into my hands before next week. I was so excited about the trip to Oregon that I woke up at 1 am and went into work in Seattle for 6 hours. I then called up Frys and the guy, Andrew, said they were very popular and were sold out. My hopes had just been dashed and then I asked him about the 1940 and 5550 series. He started looking around some more in his computer and then came back with a surprised reaction when he found two 2215s listed in the Palm section. I asked him to check the floor and see if there really was one available. He did and found that there indeed were two devices! I jumped in my truck and headed south. Just over 2 hours later I showed up at Fry’s. Wow, that store is AMAZING! I was pleasantly surprised to find the price of the 2215 at $379.95 (a $20 reduction) and also picked up an ac inverter (to charge me new baby in the truck) for $10, two microphones for my daughters’ karaoke machine, and a Belkin USB Bluetooth dongle to get a connection between my desktop, iPaq, and Nokia phone. And the good thing is I avoided paying the 8%+ sales tax I would have here in Washington.

I also bought their service plan for only $40 for 2 years since there is a Fry’s opening up here in Redmond in July and their plan sounded great. They said it covers normal wear and tear and is an instant exchange, no hassle plan.

I jumped in my truck and started taking photos and checking out the new device. It is very solid and surprisingly small for having 2 storage slots and integrated Bluetooth. It is strange to have both the left and right sides completely empty of any rockers, buttons, etc., but I like the rubber side grips and find them comfortable. The display is nice, but seems more washed out (white) than the 1910 and isn’t as good as the Tungsten C I am reviewing or the Zire 71 I reviewed last month. I like the buttons much more than those on the 1910 form factor, which is one reason I stayed away from the 1940 series.

I am off to play some more with my new toy, but can see sticking with it for a while like the year and a half I did with my Jornada 568. If you are looking for a PPC 2003 device, this one could be the one to get.

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