I’ve been playing with my 2215 now for a couple days and all I can say is this baby is FASSSSTTTT! It just screams and that alone is worth the upgrade to me. I love the small form factor and can’t get over how much HP packed into such a small device. I have WiFi going with my Sony CF card, but it requires a soft reset with the card in place to get it going. I’m sure it is a driver thing since I read other posts stating it worked easier for them. The connection setup was pretty involved for my card and is not for the faint of heart. Email through WiFi and Inbox is instantaneous and awesome. I can easily see myself keeping this device for at least 6 months and maybe as long as I kept my Jornada 568 (a year and a half). It has everything in it and is so small I will carry it everywhere with me. I can’t wait until Bellagio makes a case from it because their cases are very nice and priced low for quality leather. The Dpad is so fluid on this device compared to others I have tried. I am going to now buy a Simpletech 256MB SD card since my SanDisk card kind of bites and I can then devote the SanDisk to the Z and keep the larger one for the iPaq. I also may get G2 screen protectors, but the guy at Fry’s told me my plan is great to use when the display gets scratched with the stylus. He said they always do over time and I could bring it in for a new one since it is normal wear and tear. I like the G2s though and they are only $7 a piece.

Go check out these new iPaqs tomorrow and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the 2210/2215. The only cons are the stupid plastic stylus (I am buying a PDAPanache one as soon as they make one) and the screen grid that is visible in the sunlight.

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