I received a scary call on Thursday afternoon when my sister-in-law called to say my Dad had been hit by a tree while working in the woods. He is a logger here in Washington and is a cutter. It seems a 50′ tree broke loose after the tree he was falling hit it and it came down upon his back and head. He is lucky to be alive and suffered a broken shoulder blade, black eye, a gash in his head, some knee problems, and other bumps and bruises. He was wearing his aluminum hard hat when the tree pinned him to the ground. He was able to push it off enough to crawl out from under it and wandered until he found a coworker who rushed him to the hospital. He is now out of work for at least 8 weeks and longer if knee surgery is required. God provided some serious protection around him in this accident.

My family just returned from a weekend of camping up in the Cascade mountains and had a great time. My Nokia 3650 was great fun and I took a few photos and surfed wirelessly as we laid around the pool and sat around the table. The Bluetooth connection between it and the 2215 works great and the 2215 lasted quite a while.

I was up until about 2:30 this morning working on a couple of reviews that I have to finish soon for PDAGeek and boy am I getting tired. Oh yeah, I’ve lost about 20 pounds on Atkins and am working out of induction into a healthier eating lifestyle. We’ll see how it goes now.

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