I just returned from a great weekend of camping at the lake. We had our 3rd annual church campout and I ran the games (gunny sack, watermelon seed spitting, hot dog eating, egg toss, etc). The weather was perfect and my Mom even brought their boat out for some inner tubing fun.

I was able to finally play with the TG50 some more and as a result I just called Dell and am returning it to them tomorrow. The device is a nice unit for someone who wants integrated Bluetooth on a Palm device, but the smaller screen (with visible bottom shadows) is just too small after using my large NX display. I may get a BT MemoryStick card for $90 or I may just not use Bluetooth on my Palm and stick with BT on my iPaq. I am very tempted by the new NX80 with better camera, backlit keyboard, and hardware buttons around the display and may exercise my CompUSA TAP in a couple weeks. I want to see if there is any flash available with JackFlash (although the full 16MB is usable), how well the CF driver is and if the EruWare driver works with it, and other user feedback on the device. I like my NX70 and just wish the keyboard was backlit and the camera was a bit better.

I am still enjoying my iPaq 2215, but get annoyed sometimes when the connection tries to start up on some programs when I don’t want to get connected. The Bluetooth Manager HP put on the device is very nice, but the WiFi functionality and support by Microsoft still leaves something to be desired. Many applications are now working better in Windows Mobile 2003 and I love connecting just about anywhere I want.

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