I have been debating whether or not to trade my NX70 in for a NX80 at CompUSA and decided to check out the NX80 for myself. They had them at Circuit City in Tacoma and I have to say that I am not that impressed yet. The outside felt like plastic and not as solid as my NX70. The screen looked about the same, the retractable CF slot looks like a nice idea, and the hardware buttons on the display are an improvement. I don’t think I like the keyboard since the keys felt too flush with the device, although the spacing was adequate. I like the feel of the NX70 keyboard better. There is only about 500kb more RAM on the NX80 because I get 11MB plus the 4.5MB of ROM using JackFlash. I plan on checking them out some more when my 3 daughters are not with me, but as of this time I am sticking with my rock solid 70.

I also had the chance to check out an iPaq 1945 and have to say I am very happy I bought the 2215. The 1945 display had a noticeable yellow tint on every screen that was supposed to be white. Why couldn’t HP just stick with that wonderful 1910 display. I don’t really like the 1910/1940 buttons and with the yellow display I will be recommending the 2215 to people I speak to about these new devices.

I just ordered a Krussell leather case for my Nokia 3650 and am truly enjoying this device. I still haven’t been able to get the Nokia PC Suite working with my Ambicom dongle, but I found a ClieSource link that should solve this and hope to work on it tonight. I also have the Belkin BT dongle, but for some reason it doesn’t want to play well with my Windows XP desktop and I plan on selling it at the PSHUG garage sale in August or September.

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