Sony just announced the new CLIE UX-50 and infoSync World has all the details and some of the best pics. As you can see the new CLIE is a landscape only mode PDA with a keyboard and flip and twist screen. The UX-50 has integrated Bluetooth and 802.11b wireless connectivity, one Memory Stick slot, 16MB of usable RAM with 22MB for applications, Palm OS 5.2, and a 0.3 megapixel camera like the NX70 and NX73. Now this seriously tempts me to upgrade from my NX70 since I mainly use my device for surfing, email, and ebook reading. I am only concerned about game play on this new device since the buttons do not seem to work well with them. I also wonder how software will work on the device in landscape mode.

I have also been experiencing issues with my iPaq 2215. I leave it off in the case and several mornings when I wake up the battery is dead. I also find that I sometimes have to perform a soft reset to turn it on and often have to perform soft resets to get my Bluetooth GPRS connection working again. I still have to perform soft resets with my WiFi card in to get it going. I hope all these issues are software related that HP can fix with an update or else I may consider going back to Fry’s and exchanging it for something else.

I also went to Circuit City yesterday to check out the 1940 series again and found that the yellow screen is not visible if you hold the device parallel to you. Any tilt in the angle makes the yellow appear. Very strange and a bit annoying, but the color saturation is better on the 1940 than the 2215.

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