Sony now has the UX-50 on the SonyStyle site and lists it for a whopping $700!!! I will have to wait and actually see one of these because I think the display may be too small and I want to see if portrait mode is supported.

Here is the one I really can’t wait for, the Tungsten T3. Wow, 51MB of RAM, Bluetooth, and Hi-Res+ with a sliding option to show the whole display even in landscape mode. I brought this up several times (and in my unposted Tungsten C review) and it looks like Palm is listening to its customers. Palm quality with a virtual Graffiti area will ROCK!! I also hope it has the poweful 400MHz processor like the Tungsten C. If this comes out, then I will most likely be saying goodbye to Sony and hello back to my roots in a Palm device. The last Palm devices I owned was the Vx.

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