Palm has officially announced the Tungsten T2 today and I have to admit that it does tempt me. I am loving Bluetooth with my Nokia 3650 and iPaq 2215 (although the iPaq is a bit buggy at this time). I have seen the photos of the rumored Tungsten T3 that I would probably switch my NX70 for in a second and may just end up waiting until September or October. I would give up a thumboard and a camera, but gain RAM and Bluetooth. I am fairly happy with my NX70 and will probably stick with it until Palm OS6 comes out later this year or in 2004, but my PDA lust still has me thinking.

I don’t use the camera much on my CLIX NX70, especially now that my Nokia 3650 allows me to take photos of about the same quality. I do like thumb keyboards and would probably be all over the Tungsten C if there was a voice recorder, stereo sound, and Bluetooth support. I loved the Tungsten C keyboard, except for it not being backlit. I suppose I could get a Bluetooth Memory Stick and upgrade to the NX73 or NX80 and be satsified for a while.

I did just buy a 512MB CF card for $85 and actually had an ebay ad to sell it since I was thinking of dumping CF, but I will stick with my 2215 for quite a while. It is small and pocketable and I like the buttons and display better than the 1940 series. Bellagio should be sending me a review case next week for the 2215 and I can’t wait to start carrying it around everywhere with me. I hope HP comes out with an update since I now have to soft reset mine a couple times a day due to Bluetooth, battery, and mysterious non-responsiveness to the power button issues.

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