I authored the intro to this month’s PDAGeek newsletter again and this time focused on my current Palm purchasing decision. You know the more I sat down and wrote out what I would like I realized that I only use WiFi at home and then primarily use my Sharp Zaurus 5500 because Opera 6 ROCKS! I then thought that I really don’t need a keyboard like I have on the CLIE NX70 since the Z also works so much better with Office type documents. As a result, I am leaning strongly towards trading my NX70 for a Tungsten T2 and then selling my Sony WiFi card and getting one that works better with Windows Mobile 2003 so I can take advantage of the new features in the OS. I have read alot about the Zero Configuration wireless stuff, but haven’t been able to experience it with my officially unsupported WiFi card. Then again the SanDisk SD WiFi should be out in a couple weeks and I can then wait until November to get the Palm drivers and use WiFi with that as well. I don’t know if drivers for the SD WiFi will be written for the Z, but given the awesome Linux community I think it is only a matter of time.

The CLIE is very nice and I think I will miss the large display, but if the T3 really does come out in the future then I can always upgrade to that. I wrote and asked for comments in the PDAGeek newsletter so I think I will wait and see what advice readers give me before making a final decision on my Palm situation.

I am firmly planted with the Z and the iPaq 2215 and will stick with them for some time. I have had the NX70 now for close to 8 months and my usual upgrade cycle is 6 months so I am doing well there.

I also have received a few emails asking that I put comments on my blog and will work on that soon. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me.

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