I’ve received a couple comments regarding using my Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 to connect via Bluetooth to my Nokia 3650 and just ordered an Ambicom Bluetooth CF card based on recommendations from the Zaurus forums. I have been using my Z to connect via WiFi at home lately and find that Opera is my favorite browser. I love being able to open multiple windows and surf at incredible speeds compared to PIE on my 2215 and NetFront on my CLIE. I also am bidding on extra Zaurus batteries because they get burned up fairly quickly. I read of others getting 50% or more off deals at their Office Depot stores, but mine don’t even have any Z stuff in stock. I can’t wait to test out the speed and performance of Opera using my GPRS connection. Thanks to Mike Duncan for affirming my thoughts of using the Z to connect.

I also received feedback on the Bluetooth Memory Stick, but I have decided to wait until at least the UX series or T3 is released and if I don’t want one of those then I will wait for a Palm OS6 device. I was thinking seriously about the Tungsten T2, but after making a comparsion sheet and noting that the CLIE has a Flash player, outstanding audio and visual support, integrated keyboard, and dual slots I just can’t give it up. I really like integrated keyboards, especially for wireless communications and the upcoming iPaq 4000 series may be something to seriously look at in September or October. So now I will just spend some time with my existing devices and really see how great they are.

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