I can’t believe it! I just received a call from a PSHUG buddy who informed me that Fry’s Electronics is opening up in Renton tomorrow. If you have never been to one of these stores, you must go check it out. They are a geek’s dream come true and have just about everything you could imagine for computers at good prices. They also have been selling PDAs before other stores have them such as when I drove 340 miles to Oregon to pick up my iPaq 2215 before it was officially released. I have had my nose to the grindstone judging Pocket PC software (and am almost finally done) and didn’t catch any of the local newspapers with ads for tomorrow. And to top it off I am camping with my family up in Birch Bay near the WA-Canadian border until Monday so there is no chance of hitting Fry’s anytime soon for me. I do plan on going before our big SEAPUG-PSHUG joint meeting on the 9th since I usually have a couple hours to goof between work and the meeting.

I have been reviewing some great programs and the Strategy Games category was one of the best. There were several games that were excellent (Argentum, BugLord, Lemonade Inc., and Age of Empires). I couldn’t believe some of the sounds, graphics, and gameplay variety and quality that is contained in these Pocket PC programs.

I have been using Joel’s (Geek.com Editor) Orange SPV and the first couple of days I was extremely impressed and thought I could drop a Pocket PC for a Smartphone. However, after now playing with it for over a week, I think I still like my Nokia 3650 better. During my testing and comparison I have actually learned quite a bit about my Nokia 3650 and am finding it even more useful and functional. I am using it this weekend to finish judging and connecting in the boonies using my T-Mobile GPRS Bluetooth connection.

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