I opened up my CLIE case this weekend and found my display was messed up with black and white streaks. I did a hard reset and it didn’t fix the problem. It appears to be some type of loose connection in the display. I then went to CompUSA to see about using my TAP and they said go ahead and find something else for $599.99. I was disappointed because I have had the NX70 since January (the second longest I have ever had a single PDA) and have 3 cases and other accessories for it. I had hoped to save my TAP for a Palm OS6 device next year, but fate forced my hand. I would have like to see the UX50, but this CompUSA did not have them yet. I then selected the NX80 because it is essentially the same as the NX70 with some upgrades.

After getting home I found my Sena case fit well, my Bellagio fit (but the button access was a bit limited), and my Proporta aluminum did not fit. I also started playing with the NX80 and found the display is much brighter, the camera is 1.3 megapixel and has a cool light to help in low light situations, the hardware buttons on the display are great, the keyboard is better, the expandable CF is handy, and some great apps are preloaded in ROM (NetFront, Picsel Viewer, Decuma). I also found out that JackFlash lets me now access an additional 15MB of ROM space. Wow, the NX80 really is an improvement over the NX70 and I am happy again.

I can’t wait to check out Fry’s this afternoon and then head over to the GadgetFest 2003 event. I received an email saying that about 125 RSVPs have been returned and only those who responded will be allowed in first and then just before showtime anyone else will be let in if there is still space available.

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