Check out my short write-up of last night’s Gadgestfest 2003 to see what I thought about the Treo 600 and the CLIE UX-50. It was nice to play with both and I can now forget about pursuing the UX-50, especially at the ridiculous price of $700.

I have my CLIE NX80 loaded with all my software now (about 60 programs) and have it backed up and running smooth. I am going to try connecting it to my Nokia 3650 via IR and if I like it then I may get the Bluetooth MemoryStick because I will be keeping this device for quite some time and it may even beat the 9 month period of the NX70. The display is awesome and I love the keyboard as well as the camera and everything else. It is nice to have a separate camera button and a separate voice recorder mechanism rather than having to make the choice as I did on the NX70.

I was loading a program, Pocket C64, on my SD card this morning after filling it up with most of about 30 Pocket PC applications when it crashed and I now only have 32MB available and can’t see anything on the card. I have never really trusted SanDisk cards and may have to buy a 256MB card to replace it. I want to try scanning it to see if anything is recoverable, but I can easily reload everything to a new card.

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