After reading my last blog entry, you won’t believe it when I tell you I am writing and posting this entry from my new UX50 using my home WiFi network. I just got the NX80 on Monday and after reading so many other people say how great the device was I decided to return the 80 and get the 50. I now have 2 weeks to try it out and see if I want to back to the NX80. What insanity drove me to this?

I loved the NX80, but I wanted to use Bluetooth and the Memory Stick cards are delayed on expansys for at least 30 days. I must have seen a bad or preproduction model at the meeting because the display really is quite bright and readable.

Bluetooth exploring to my phone was cake and WiFi only required a couple taps to get going. I am going to work on a review for PDAGeek soon.

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