I’ve been playing quite a bit with the UX50 to see if it is the device for me. I have to admit I love the integrated WiFi and BT along with the rock solid design. My only concern has been the small screen size, but after almost a week it really doesn’t bother me anymore unless I have NetFront zoomed all the way out. Lubak’s Fonts4UX make it much more readable and is an essential utility if you have this device.

There have been quite a few new Pocket PC rumors floating around lately and if Toshiba really does come out with a large 640×480 display device then I think it will be a winner. The Treo 600 is now out in Europe and will be coming soon to the U.S. This holiday season looks to be a winner for PDAs.

I am going to my first trade show in January, the CES 2004 International Show in Vegas and can’t wait to geek out for several days. I want to see a Tapwave Zodiac in person.

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