I still have my CLIE UX50, but I am going back to CompUSA tonight to exchange it for another one and get my 10% back ($70) since there is a coupon for this week and I am still within the 2 week return period. My battery life is DISMAL and I hope it is just a defective unit. I use Bluetooth surfing on the way home after work, about 35-45 minutes, and I am down to about 25% or less battery remaining. Others have reported getting over 3 hours via WiFi with the display at max. brightness. I have mine at about 65-75% brightness to try and save battery life and it is obviously not working. I don’t think it is good to keep taking it down to about 10% before I can get to a charger and have never had a PDA perform this poorly. I understand wireless communications take more power, but this is ridiculous.

I plan on buying the extended battery pack ($90 after 25% coupon from registering on SonyStyle), reported as adding almost 3 times the battery life, but want to make sure I have a working internal battery first.

The smaller display doesn’t really bother me and I find it acceptable so I am keeping the UX over the NX80. Since the device is so small and has such great integrated wireless capability, I have actually found myself carrying it everywhere. I never did this with my NX series. There is also a lot more info coming out about the Tungsten T3, but I would have to use Grafitti to input on this device and Palm just doesn’t have the great multimedia support that Sony does.

You know in the 10 days I have had the UX50 I have only written one word using Grafitti. With this great keyboard I see no reason to use the odd style of on screen input and I rarely use it in tablet mode anyway.

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