I went to CompUSA as planned last night, but had to drive another 20 miles to the next store since the UX50 is in short supply here in Western Washington. I also received a store credit for $76 due to the tip regarding a new 10% off on ALL PDAs this week at CompUSA.

I charged the UX50 for the full time until the orange indicator light went off. This morning during my commute I connected via Bluetooth to my Nokia 3650 and surfed for 30 minutes straight and my battery indicator still shows 100%. I had the backlight on full for 15 minutes and then went down to about 25% because it was too bright in the dark hours of the morning. I am much happier with this kind of battery life because before I would have been down to something like 60-65% after this amount of time.

I will test it out some more, but it is almost time to order the extended battery pack and get rid of my NX cases and accessories.

I posted a blurb linking to two sites that have more info on the Tungsten T3 that may be coming real soon. I still plan on sticking with the UX50 because of the WiFi and keyboard since the smaller display really doesn’t bother me. The only real downside of the UX50 is the lack of buttons to really play any arcade type games, but the T3 doesn’t look great for that in landscape mode either.

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