Well I see all over the place that the Tungsten T3 is at OfficeDepot and now at OfficeMax. I ordered and then canceled my orders from OfficeDepot when I read that they no longer give refunds on PDAs and only give you another of the same model. I did find that OfficeMax does allow a 14 day return policy so I will make calls today and see if I can pick one up. I want to compare it to the UX50 and see if I need to return the UX50 and wait for CompUSA to get the T3s in stock. I have two days left in my CompUSA return period so hopefully I can find a T3 today.

I am pretty sure I’ll stick with the UX50 and its WiFi capability, but then again I only use WiFi at home and could add it later with a SD card. The keyboard is a big seller for me however and I don’t know if I could go back to using Fitaly or MessagEase for all my input on the T3. I really need to see it first hand to decide since it is $300 cheaper than the UX50.

Dell is announcing two new Pocket PCs in a short while and one will have integrated WiFi. I will not buy any device that does not have at least integrated Bluetooth since WiFi ranges are limited and I want connectivity anywhere with GPRS. I don’t think either of the Dell models has integrated Bluetooth so I won’t even consider them.

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