Check out my blurb today regarding two utilities that every CLIE UX50 owner should get immediately. For $18 you can improve the readability of your device and add full landscape use to tons of applications. I now have DocsToGo 6, MyBible, Agendus Mail, and many others running on the full screen and am not even thinking about the T3 anymore.

I searched everywhere on Friday and did find that Fry’s has them in the store, but they won’t sell them or let anyone see them until the official Palm released date of October 1st. I tried OfficeDepot and OfficeMax with no luck. I may still try to get one at OfficeMax and check it out for a couple weeks, but can’t see it ever knocking off the UX50.

The UX50 has a great keyboard, integrated WiFi, solid metal design, integrated screen protector with the flip and twist design and is so small that I carry it everywhere with me. I also like the Sony displays much better than the Palm displays and Sony has better multimedia support. Although the camera is only 1/3 megapixel, I find I am taking tons of shots of my 3 girls and capturing moments I may not otherwise have captured.

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