Isn’t it funny how a few years ago Palm said that consumers just wanted a PDA that offered fast PIM access, long battery life, and at a reasonable low cost? When comparing the latest round of Palm Powered devices (Sony, Palm, Garmin) to the latest Microsoft Windows Mobile devices (HP, Toshiba, Dell) we see that price is a wash, battery life is about the same and is actually a better choice on the Windows Mobile devices because most have removable batteries, and Palm’s features are approaching what Microsoft had back in 2000. When Palm OS6 comes out with true multi-tasking, at least that is what we believe we’ll see, I wonder where the new line will be drawn between the platforms? Palm has changed their approach and is now closely matching the features of Microsoft and Microsoft just hasn’t changed much since the first Pocket PC came out in the fall of 2000.

I do keep buying CLIE devices because Sony simply knows how to create innovative, high quality designs. If a Pocket PC manufacturer would incorporate something like a flip-and-twist display then I may not even consider the Palm platform. Another strength of Palm devices that I just cannot figure out why Microsoft and the manufacturers will not improve on is screen resolution. Sony has had 320×320 for some time and the latest devices even have 320×480, twice the resolution of the Windows Mobile and Pocket PC devices that are stuck at 240×320.

I am considering the new 4300 series with WiFi, Bluetooth, and a thumb keyboard to replace my 2215, but it looks to be quite long. My UX50 is great because it has all this in such a small package that I take it everywhere.

Microsoft may be counting on the future of Smartphones where there actually does look to be some innovative designs with the Motorola flip phone model, but we still haven’t seen any of these in the U.S. They are supposed to be released before the end of the year and it will be interesting to see how the market responds.

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