Mobius 2003 was the most fun I have ever had since I have been involved in the PDA community and I hope I am invited to future events. Joel and I have put together a complete article that can be read here.

I wanted to add a few other comments to my personal blog and won’t go through the entire agenda again, but will add some commentary to what we posted.

I left work and went over to the W hotel in Seattle where we were staying. The hotel was interesting and not really my style, but the staff was great. It is dark inside and in the hallways with a lot of modern art decor. They had feather pillows and the bed was very comfortable, although I didn’t sleep in it much because we were busy all day and having fun and geeking out at night.

There was an opening reception and I was able to meet many people who I have contacted in the past or read their websites. I also met Jason Gordon again as well as Jeff McKean, from PSHUG, and Derek Brown. I met the infamous Dale Coffing, Pocket PC Passion, and Jason Dunn, Pocket PC Thoughts. I met Greg from Sierra Wireless and was able to play with the just announced, that day actually, Voq Smartphone. I like the thumb keyboard and large size, but it doesn’t have Bluetooth or a camera and feels a bit light. This is the first in a planned line so the later versions will offer improvements based on feedback.

Joel Evans, my boss at Geek.com, arrived about 10 pm after a long day flying in from Boston. We met face-to-face for the first time and chatted for a while.

We all woke up early and took a shuttle bus over to Microsoft. The first day we met at the Consumer Experience Center and had an awesome time. I used my UX50 to connect to the WiFi network and take all my notes using Documents To Go 6. I even took some photos with the UX50 camera. I had my iPAQ 2215, but never used it during the event. We heard a lot of great speakers and received a bag full of goodies. I bought a new wireless keyboard and mouse for my home computer at the MS company store with my $60 allowance. The kart racing at Champs Karting was a blast, but I don’t think my 235 pounds helped me in getting a fast time. pt showed up with all his toys and I even rode around on his Segway. We played a few video games, played pool, ate and just hung out.

Joel and I then met in his room and worked a bit on a Mobius blurb and geeked out. We were very tired and Joel accidentally erased all the photos from his camera�s flash card. We searched on Google and found an amazing free program that actually recovered all the missing photos and every other photo he had stored on the card previously. I am putting this program on my desktop ASAP.

The second day was held in downtown Seattle. After a morning of speakers we headed out on the town for a scavenger hunt. Our team placed 3rd out of 4 teams and I was the local Seattle rep. I blew it and if I was thinking I would have taken the team to my work and could have answered probably every question with the knowledge of Seattle at Glosten. The winning team members, Joel was on it, each get a XDA II and boy am I jealous as that device looks awesome. The conference ended after the hunt and then Jason offered to take everyone out to dinner. I had earlier told Joel about Fry’s Electronics and Joel, Dale Coffing, Wes Salmon and I decided to go there instead of dinner. It was a lot of fun hanging out with people interested in this stuff and we spent a couple hours there.

It was quite an event and the toys are great. With today’s announcement of the iPAQ 4355 I am probably going to ebay a few of the items so I can upgrade to this new device from my 2215. We are also getting a SPV E200 soon so I will have a slimmed down gear pack soon.

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