I just saw a post on Pocket PC Thoughts that states HP will be releasing a Micro keyboard for the 2215 and 4150 devices. If this form factor is similar to the one I had on my Jornada 568 then I may not be upgrading to a 4350 device. I do like integrated WiFi, but for only $40 this keyboard may be a more attractive option, especially since I will still have my CF slot.

By the way, I thought I lost my Viking 512MB CF card at Mobius or the hotel, but then yesterday my wife asked, “What is this small card I found here in the dryer?” Doh, I left it in my pants pocket and it went through the washer and dryer. I have read of numerous stories of CF cards surviving this without incident, but so far my card is not coming up in my Pocket PC, laptop, or card reader. I am going to let it sit out and dry to see if it will eventually clear up, but I may have just lost $90. Does anyone have any advice or am I just hosed?

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