There has been some pretty exciting news released in the last couple days regarding the smartphone market. The US finally has their first official Windows Mobile Smartphone, the Motorola MPx200, and you can even get it at Amazon for only $149.99 after rebates and new activation on the AT&T Wireless network. I am unfamiliar with AT&T’s data plans but know that last month I used 45MB of data on my T-Mobile unlimited data plan. If I wasn’t getting a SPV E200 soon then I would probably try the Motorola, although it runs the older OS and doesn’t have a camera or Bluetooth. It does have a cool flip design and SDIO so should be adequate for most users.

I am also a bit excited about the new Sendo X Series 60 smartphone that was just announced. I use the Nokia 3650 Series 60 device and am very happy with it, but the display, form factor, and added RAM on this new Sendo model interests me. I think Smartphones are definitely the wave of the future and may help get people interested in more powerful phones thus introducing them to the Palm, Pocket PC, and Symbian platforms.

Joel is extremely busy and is going to send me the Treo 600 to review so I will have the Treo 600 and the Samsung Nexio S160 to show off at the PSHUG meeting next week. If you want to play with either of these devices, come to the meeting at Microsoft next Tuesday at 1830 (6:30 pm).

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