It’s been a week since I updated my blog, primarily because I have been busy playing with the Samsung Nexio S160, the Pentax 33WR, and now the Treo 600. I am finally catching up on my reviews and can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

My 2215 has been behaving very poorly lately and is requiring a soft reset almost every time just to turn it on. I was thinking of going to the 4150 or 4350, but as of this morning I plan on going to Fry’s and getting a new 2215 using my performance plan. I think I’ll check out the 4150 first and see if they have the 4350 yet, but I doubt they will. I like having the CF slot and transferring things back and forth between the CF and SD, but I also really like integrated WiFi and love that small 4150 form factor. I kept my Amazon order for the thumb keyboard since it fits the 4150 and 2215 so even if I do decide to switch I am covered. I was thinking of the 4350, but it is very long and I don’t know if I want the thumb keyboard on all the time.

I love the Pentax 33WR and am 90% sure I am going to purchase one for myself soon. The macro mode really is 0.39 inches and is quite amazing. Macro photos for reviews are important and was the area I was really lacking in with my old digital camera (that I just sold on ebay!).

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