Well now that both iTunes for Windows and Napster are out I am trying to decide what one will work best for me. I would like to play songs I buy on both my UX50 and my iPAQ 2215. I understand Napster downloads in WMA format thus I could use the Windows Media Player on my iPAQ. iTunes is some propietary Apple format, but I read that I could burn to a CD and then rip back to MP3. What do you recommend for good ripping software?

After using both for a bit, I like the iTunes user interface better and like the way I navigate through their titles. I understand I could use both to burn to a CD, but then I will probably lose some quality in ripping them off the CD. I preregistered for Napster to get 5 free songs, but see they just charged my PayPal account a $1 so I need to go see what that’s about. What do you prefer and recommend is the better solution?

I had to send the Treo 600 back to Sprint this morning, but enjoyed the couple days I was able to use it. A mini-review will be posted shortly on PDAGeek with my thoughts. Joel may add his thoughts as well.

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