Check out this short story from my experiences last night. Just less than 2 weeks after I bought the UX50 CompUSA had a 10% off on all PDA sale. I took my receipt in and received $76 in store credit. I have been saving this for some future item or PDA.

Then last week when Office 2003 was released CompUSA had a great sale where you received a ton of stuff for free after rebate. We were able to get the Student and Teacher full version for $149 because of us homeschooling our 3 daughters. So with my store credit I was down to about $74 out of pocket. I listed a few of the free items on ebay and have already recovered over $30 of that back and should actually come out ahead.

One of the free items was a portable DVD player that we wanted so we could homeschool on our upstairs TV (my daughters use a DVD program for part of their curriculum). It had an instant rebate and a mail-in for $170. The clerk told us it was a problematic unit and recommended that my wife buy the $9 warranty, which she did. The backlight on the player died after 4 days and my wife took it back yesterday. They did not have anymore and gave her a store credit for $185. I then went back last night and bought the XBox holiday bundle for a difference of $10.

So we ended up with a high quality DVD player and a gaming station with 2 games for only $10 out of pocket. I hope to make some contacts and post some Xbox game reviews on the Geek.com GameGeek section in the future.

I also returned both the Treo 600 and Samsung Nexio S160 so my reviews should be posted in the next couple weeks.

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