I bought a Scott eVest 2.0 Sport edition jacket over a year ago and used it for about the first couple weeks and then forgot about it. I pulled it out a couple of months ago and started wearing it regularly because it looked great, was comfortable, and could hold all my gear. At Mobius Redmond 2003 I actually only wore the eVest and had all my gear in the pockets so both my hands were free. Dale Coffing of Pocket PC Passion fame took a trip with us down to Fry’s Electronics and had on this great leather jacket. Joel and I asked about it and he said it was the new Limited Edition (only 400 made) Scott eVest Leather jacket. He called up the president of Scott eVest, Scott Jordan, and eventually I received a review unit in the mail.

So I opened up this review unit being careful not to remove any tags so I could send it back when I was done. I put it on and my wife said that I had to contact Scott so she could buy it for me for a Christmas gift. I mean I didn’t even get to look through 3 pockets before she was sold. You see, during our 10 year marriage my wife has always wanted to get me a nice leather jacket, but we just haven’t found anything that we were both happy with at a good price. The jacket is $400, but if you look at high quality leather jackets you could easily go over this amount and not get all the functionality that this one has. This Scott eVest appeals to me for its looks, construction and geekiness yet appeals to my wife for its looks and feel. I called Scott today and bought it so now I can take the tags off and really give it a thorough evaluation, especially now that the temperature has dropped here in Washington. Scott is even going to chat with me in the morning to go over the 28, yes 28, pockets and features of the jacket to help with my review.

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