I just saw that FedEx delivered my new Sony CLIE Digital Video Recorder to my house this morning and I can’t wait to go home and try it out. I know it can record TV shows, but I am interested to see how it will do with DVDs since I am sure most are protected. I will also like to see how well it captures my home videos off of our new Digital Camcorder. I know I can put those videos directly onto my PC, but there are steps to take to get it onto my CLIE UX50. I am really interested in seeing if I can take a Quicktime formatted movie (that is what the CLIE Video Recorder works with when the extension is changed from .mqv to .mov on your desktop) and convert it into something I can watch on my Pocket PC or burn onto a CD. I think I can buy Quicktime Professional and convert the video into .avi and then use another program to convert it into Pocket PC format, but the quality may be negatively affected so it may not be worth it.

I could buy a TV capture card for my PC, but there is no cable in our house close to the computer and I don’t want to have to pay to activate another line. Also, I can just pop out my Memory Stick from the new CLIE recorder and pop it into my CLIE and go. If it works well then I will have to get a larger Memory Stick and then make sure I have at least a CLIE device in my possession.

I also received the Logitech Bluetooth headset to review and was amazed by how light it is on my ear. It has to be charged up and then I plan on checking out how well it works with my 3650, Pocket PC, and CLIE UX50.

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