I was disappointed to find out that I cannot record any DVDs or every new VHS tape I have tried using the CLIE recorder. It is pretty much limited to TV shows and home videos, which means I do not know if I can keep it for $250, plus the cost of a large Memory Stick ($250). It does record in pretty good quality and is very nice not to have to go through any conversion. I watched a couple episodes of Seinfeld last night and will try it out for the week to see if I should keep it or not.

I don’t know what is going on, but my stupid iPAQ 2215 is acting up again. I was just typing away using the new thumb keyboard last night when it just froze and required a hard reset to get working again. I have had to hard reset it about every 4 days. The good news is that the new Calligrapher beta seems to have solved my soft reset issues and my device turns on every time now and alarms seem to work again.

I also installed the Bluetooth update (too bad it takes 2.2MB of my precious RAM) and haven’t had freezes or issues like I used to have with Bluetooth.

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