I have been using the iPAQ 4350 almost exclusively since I received it last week and just finished creating a detailed balance sheet to try to help me make a decision on what way to go, either the 2215 or 4350. Based on specs only, the 4350 (and even the 4150 wins) due to the nicer color display, better playing ability of WMP, integrated WiFi, larger battery, awesome backlit keyboard, speaker on the front that is LOUD, 9 programmable buttons, etc. However, I have a lot of 2215 cases, a new 512MB CF card, a CF landline modem, and a few other things that I could sell to pay for the 4350. After selling things and returning things it turns out there is about a $150 advantage gained by keeping the 2215. This includes buying a new 512MB SD card and a 512MB Memory Stick for my UX50.

So in the end, due to participating in a MS study today, I will end up ahead about $300 or $450 no matter which way I go. I am leaning heavily towards the 4350 because I absolutely love the thumb keyboard and the way in which it has been implemented. I have to return the thumb keyboard for the 2215 to Circuit City by tomorrow so I may just return it anyway to give me more time to decide. Hopefully some others at the Windows Mobile User Group Tour can help me decide tonight.

I am going to a Microsoft Usability Study today and then to the Windows Mobile User Group Tour. I am taking my two oldest daughters and they have their hopes up for winning a new Pocket PC device. At least they will get a T-shirt and a magazine so they’ll be happy to “Geek out” with their Dad.

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