OK if you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know that I switch devices as much as I change my underwear. Well, I am doing it again and will be sending my iPAQ 4350 back to HP in about 10 days or so. I do like the keyboard (integration could have been a bit better), but it really isn’t that much different than my 2215 and is too long to really carry around. There look to be some nice cases coming out, but I won’t have it around to review any.

What am I getting instead? I lusted after the XDA II at Mobius this year and took the $790 plunge today. After returning my 4350 and selling off a bunch of gear I will have the funds to pay for it and it really should be my dream device (at least for 6 months:)) With the phone built into the devive I won’t have to connect or carry two devices any longer. Having 128MB of RAM and 11MB of ROM to use will be wonderful as I have had to manage my 64MB (really only 58MB usable) on my iPAQs way too closely. The device is absolutely beautiful and it will be nice having an integrated camera as well. There will be optional thumb keyboards and foldable keyboards available so that will satisfy that urge as well. I could use a SD WiFi card for WiFi, but only use it at home anyway so I think I’ll just use the CLIE UX50 for WiFi and see how that goes. There is a CF expansion pack with extended battery and VGA out coming as well so I’ll keep my Viking 512MB CF card for the time being.

Go ahead and give me a call to laugh at my craziness Peter:)

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