I just saw that the availability and in stock numbers have been jumping around on the eXpansys site so I called them up to find out when I would actually receive the device in the US. I was told it would be at least a few weeks so I canceled my order. I see that there is some in stock at Tek n Toys, but it would run me $900 and the manual is in German. They do have an enticing contest going on where you get a Bluetooth headset if you are a winner and the odds will probably be something like 1 in 25 or so by next Friday’s close. After thinking about it some more, I just can’t spend this kind of money on a device like this. I should be getting a SPV E200 in a while anyway so that may satisfy my mobile urge and will work well with the 4350.

Also, my dishwasher motor just died last night and costs $250 for just a new motor. We can pick up a new dishwasher to replace our 19-year old one for about that same price, so now my funds will be channeled elsewhere. Things like this give a real reality check to my toy purchases and are good to help keep me grounded a bit.

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