I just created a long spreadsheet analyzing how much I spend per month on cell service, internet service, and my home phone to find out I was over $215 with taxes and fees. That is insane! I found ways to cut that by $42 per month so I am switching from DSL to cable (sure is nice to have both options) next Monday and getting my wife onto T-Mobile wireless with me. I am also planning on signing up for the new Vonage phone service that uses the internet for your calls. It is cheaper than my home phone service and also lets me dial local long distance for free.

I now have to find a new home to put this blog since I am using my web space that is included with my DSL service. Can anyone recommend a good cheap web host? I was thinking of just using Blogspot for now, but have to figure out how to get everything (including my archives) over there successfully. It is simple with web space and ftp access.

I have now sold all my cases, iPAQ 2215, and other gear and have used the cash to pay for most of my 4350, tickets to CES in Vegas, and Christmas gifts. I am still very happy with the iPAQ 4350 and will see how long it satisfies me.

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