I received a call from my buddy Peter asking about sending faxes with Vonage and that got me thinking a bit more about what I have in my house. I almost forgot that we have an alarm system and that requires a landline phone. It may work with Vonage, but would require too many cables to really get it working right. Vonage also does not support calls to 911, which is vital when you have 3 young daughters at home all day being homeschooled. So Vonage looks like it is out for me!

I did find out that I can still cut my home phone service by about $12 a month by reducing the feature set we have. We only use call waiting and caller ID and never use things such as 3-way calling, call transferring, etc. So instead of cutting my bill down $40+ I can still cut it down $30+. If I am keeping my local phone, then I might as well keep my DSL since I have been extremely happy with my ISP, Blarg and can keep my blog as well.

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