My quest for cutting my monthly fees continues to be successful after my buddy Peter just sent me this excellent link. If you have the T-Mobile data plan like I did for $19.99, then you should read this discussion because you can now get unlimited data for FREE. There are some restrictions on functionality, ie. no SSH or FTP, but I never used my GPRS connection for this stuff anyways. I use my GPRS connection for email and web browsing so I went and called customer service to cancel my $19.99 plan and asked for the Free WAP plan that lets me download ringtones, etc. T-Mobile seems to think that this free wap plan with unlimited data is only good for a few things, but people have found you simple change your connection string from “CGDCONT=1,,”internet2.voicestream.com” to “CGDCONT=1,,”wap.voicestream.com” and you should be all set.

Now what carrier can compete with unlimited free data? I would like to post this on Geek.com for everyone to benefit, but I am a bit afraid that T-Mobile will catch on that there are some tech savvy PDA users out there who know how to use the system to their advantage and that T-Mobile didn’t intend it for this type of use. Then again, there can’t be that many people who figure this out. Is it a moral issue and are we taking advantage of a loophole they don’t want us to use or is this one way for T-Mobile to take over the world?

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