Well, it seems even the most tech savvy person can get caught in a web of fraud. I sold my 2215 on ebay last week and received payment via PayPal. The person wanted it shipped to the Ukraine, which seemed fine since I have mailed many things to foreign countries before. I mailed it out yesterday morning and then transferred most of the PayPal funds back into my checking account. I then just received some emails that the buyer had stolen the funds from someone else to pay me. I rushed to the Post Office and filed a package recall request. It just left Seattle for San Francisco last night so they said they should be able to snag it and send it back. I hopefully will only be out about $25 for shipping and have learned a valuable lesson.

In hindsight, I see that the person’s emails are a bit suspicious. I guess I didn’t notice in my zeal to sell off my gear and didn’t apply my good judgement. I think I will now no longer sell to ebay bidder’s with low ratings. I was trying to give people a chance like I was given, but I can’t afford that cost anymore.

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